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Ferronics Manufacturing Facility


Ferronics Inc. is a U.S. based manufacturer of ferrite components and assemblies used in the computer, CATV, telecommunications, and other related electronics industries. Founded in Rochester, NY in 1968, the company is now headquartered in a modern, manufacturing facility located in Bethlehem, PA. Ferronics shares its facility with its parent company, National Magnetics Group, Inc., also a manufacturer of ferrite components specializing in large shapes and custom designs We also offer full machining capabilities.

Ferronics manufactures ferrite components in several shapes, such as toroids, beads, baluns and multi-hole cores, as well as in a variety of sizes. The company also offers custom manufacturing of ferrite parts and wound components that are designed and finished according to exact customer needs and specifications.

Targeting both commercial and military markets, Ferronics sells its products to original equipment manufacturers who use the components as inductors, chokes, and transformers in LAN communications, televisions, CATV taps and peripheral devices. In addition to a strong sales base in North America, Ferronics also serves overseas markets in Europe, South America, and the Far East. The company sells its products through manufacturer's representatives as well as through national and international stocking distributors.

At Ferronics, we realize that an operational philosophy driven by quality is the best way we can provide long term satisfaction to the users of our products. A dedication to quality permeates everything we do and governs our relationships with suppliers and customers. In each step of the manufacturing and testing process at Ferronics, concern for quality is the guiding principle. We wouldn't have it any other way.


The electronics industry as we know it today could not exist without the widespread use of ferrites. The term "ferrite" is derived from the Latin word "ferrum", meaning iron. Ferrites are homogeneous ceramic materials composed of various oxides containing iron oxide as their main constituent. Being ceramic, ferrites are hard, inert, and free of organic substances.

What makes ferrites especially useful in the electronics industry is a combination of two key characteristics: (1 ) high magnetic permeability which concentrates and reinforces the magnetic field and (2) high electrical resistivity which limits the amount of electric current flow in the ferrite. Thanks to these two characteristics, ferrites exhibit low energy losses, are highly efficient, and function at high frequencies (1 KHz to 1,000 MHz). These qualities make ferrites ideal building blocks in the manufacture of miniaturized high frequency electronic components.

Ferrites are manufactured in several different shapes (toroids, beads, multi-hole cores, etc.) and in different sizes. They can also be finished, wound, assembled, and packaged according to customer specifications.

Ferrites can be used in an ever widening range of electronic applications. Some of the more common applications include the following:

Magnetic Devices

  • Power transformer and chokes
  • Inductors and tuned transformers
  • Pulse and wide band transformers
  • Magnetic deflection
  • Recording heads
  • Rotating transformers
  • Shield beads and chokes
  • Transducers


  • HF Power supplies
  • Telecomm and Communication
  • Frequency selective circuits
  • Matching devices
  • TV sets and monitors
  • Storage devices
  • VCR's
  • Interference suppression
  • Vending machines
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